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(Completely unrelated to this course I am running a FREE anxiety live event all this week over on my Facebook page answering questions and providing support if you want to join in and ask me anything about anxiety: @jaccijonescoaching)

The Delving Deeper on Anxiety Course IS INCLUDED if you buy this, so no need to add it to your cart!! This part of the course is only £10 extra!!

This is ONLY available to the first 20 people that buy it so that everyone gets the most from the calls and ongoing support.

To celebrate the launch of my new online training platform I am doing a special LIVE version of the Delving Deeper on Anxiety course for just 20 people. It is a chance to work with me on a more intimate level with live Q + As and ongoing support to hopefully get you through whatever hurdles you are struggling with and help you get back on track, or even just give you a few hints and tips and different ways of looking at things. There isn’t necessarily going to be more content than is on the course, this is more just ongoing support and the chance to go over something a bit deeper if you don’t understand it and of course ask me anything and support each other in a supportive group environment.

For the first week Monday – Friday all 21 of us will be on a recorded live Zoom call every night where I will be talking a bit more about each lesson and answering any specific questions anyone has. It will be fully interactive so stop me at any point and ask questions, tell stories, give examples of any difficulties you have in your own lives (the more everyone puts in, the more everyone gets out) and I will do my best to help you through any specific difficulties.

Group coaching sessions are a VERY valuable resource (more so than one on one in a lot of respects) as you get to hear other people’s struggles and learn from them and by sharing your own experiences or struggles, other people might have tips for things you can try or just by sharing you could help someone through something so it really is a very beneficial process for everyone involved.

I will be doing the live coaching sessions at 20:30 Monday – Friday for the first week and you will also get access to a private Facebook group for the whole month where I will be available to answer any questions you have that we can talk about within a closed private group.

All the Zoom calls will be recorded and posted within this group incase you miss them. The first week will be live every night, then for the remaining 3 weeks I will do my best to answer any written questions you ask within the group with a live Zoom call every Friday to check in and see how everyone is getting on and again answer any questions you may have.

I will unfortunately have to remove everyone from the group after the 4 weeks to make way for the next course to ensure it is a private, closed group with only those on the course able to read questions, and see the videos of private problems etc (I’m sure you understand why this is important, so please don’t be offended when this happens). At that point feel free to join my main private group, which is still a closed group where you can all share experiences and open up discussions but there will be more people on there that haven’t been a part of this course (but it’s still an amazing group environment where we can all share and help each other).

If you want to keep any of the videos from the course I could look to set up a temporary Dropbox folder that you can download them from (if everyone is happy with this).

I have been thinking a lot about how I could structure these courses to provide as much valuable content for as little cost to you as possible and I really believe this will achieve that.

Just incase you are still in two minds, the first week alone is up to 5 hours of live interactive content with a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Coach (normally £40 – £60ph), then another 3 hours over the next 3 weeks with me on hand every day to answer any questions you have outside of the Zoom calls. All this is included ON TOP of an already content filled course, I don’t think you will find this much value and content for this amazing price anywhere else.

Please feel free to message me and ask any questions you may have. I hope I have made everything as clear as possible and I look forward to meeting and working with you all over the next few weeks 🙂

I am also running a FREE anxiety live event all this week over on my Facebook page if you want to learn more about me: @jaccijonescoaching

And here is my website for more info on me and what I do:

Jacci x

Just to re-cap exactly what is included:

Mon 03rd Aug – 30th Aug Access to Private Facebook Group
Mon 03rd Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Tue 04th Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Wed 05th Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Thu 06th Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Fri 07th Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Fri 14th Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Fri 21st Aug 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Fri 28th August 20:30 Live Zoom Call
Sun 30th August 22:00 Everyone removed from Facebook Group

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