The Mindfulness Mindset (to enhance all areas of your life)

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Life is busy, things whizz by, everything gets overwhelming, you feel like you’re winging from one thing to another and most of the time you feel like you’re either doing a pants job at everything or that you’re simply not present.

Mindfulness is the gift of the present (see what I did there)

I’m going to take you by the hand and show you;

  • What mindfulness actually is?
  • Whether mindfulness is just thinking about nothing?
  • What is the aim of mindfulness? Is it just to make you feel less stressed?
  • How can you teach your children to be more mindful?
  • Whether or not we control external factors, environments or actions.
  • What ALWAYS comes before a feeling.
  • How can being in the present moment change our thoughts, feelings and our actions?
  • Is every thought you have true? Should you believe everything you think?
  • What the best way to introduce mindfulness into your life?
  • Whether or not the past defines who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow.

This is your exploration into taking back the reins and being in a position to make positive changes in your life that are really easy to implement but their impact is huge.

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Nicola Mannion
Posted 10 months ago
Something to think about!

I really like Jacci's style, she has delivered an informative mini course on mindfulness which gave me lots to think about and along with the course materials is definitely recommended. Many thanks

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Lisa Dove
Posted 11 months ago
Amazing course

This was amazing to listen to Jacci, great advice and tips for mindfulness. Will be sharing input with work colleagues within the school I work in. Lisa xx

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Louise Siriwetchaphan Siriwetchaphan
Posted 11 months ago
Excellent course

I loved this mini mindfulness course. Easy to understand and put into practice. Informative, calming and down to earth as always with Jaccie. Thanks so much.

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Michelle Robinson
Posted 12 months ago
Great course

A great course which felt relaxed and informal but still very informative. No big words, it was all explained really simply and has given me lots to think about!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!