Supporting Your Anxious Child

Supporting Your Anxious Child

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Having a child who is anxious can be truly difficult to navigate.

Part of you has Mumma Lion who is more than prepared to roar to fiercely protect your little person, part of you can be frustrated at what you all need to contend with day to day and sometimes your patience is a little bit frazzled and part of you is simply overwhelmed with everything you have to think about and navigate.

How can you help them?

What should you be doing?

What’s the best course of action to help them to navigate these feelings?

Let me help you. I want you to have the tools, strategy and steps that will help you to understand hat do you do when your child is feeling anxious or overwhelmed. If you have suffered with anxiety in the past you may be able to empathise hugely but still not know the answers and that’s ok, let’s walk through it together.

It may be that you are fearful you may ‘pass’ your anxiety onto your child or a child in your care. Let’s explore this one together too. Using Richard Erskin’s 4 domains of the self (thinking, feeling, behaviour, physiological) we will dive into:

How anxiety is a human response to stress and overwhelm.

How to look at our own thoughts as well as how to support your child.

How being creative will help you to navigate the choppy waters.

How being authentic is going to help you to work things out together.

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