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The Mindfulness Mindset To Enhance All Areas Of Your Life

The Mindfulness Mindset – To Enhance All Areas Of Your Life

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Building Mini Heroes

Building Mini Heroes Using The L.E.A.V.E. Approach

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Hi I'm Jacci Jones

My goal is to make therapy available and affordable to EVERYONE!

Jacci Jones Mental Health Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Jacci Jones — Psychotherapist + CEO

Have you ever tried to access private therapy before but couldn’t afford it? Or maybe you were seeing a therapist but had to stop due to the cost? Or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable seeing a therapist yet? If so, this training hub is for YOU!

Try out any of our courses today for FREE! The first module of every course is free, and some are only £1 for the ENTIRE course. Many also come with downloadable notes and/or workbooks. The journey to becoming a healthier, more positive YOU starts right NOW!!!

I became a Psychotherapist because I wanted to help people, and I already have helped thousands of people change their lives and become the people  they wanted to become, but I have always been disheartened with how much therapy can end up costing people, it has never really sat right with me . . . . read more.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"I feel that I can use my new knowledge in the classroom and for my own self-growth. I am a person that needs to understand and analyse how things work and why things happen so I found it very interesting and easy to understand. The course teaches simple techniques on how to approach children that might be struggling with their thoughts and behaviours".
"I liked the way Jacci presented each video. I found Jacci to be very interesting & how she made it feel like she was directly speaking to you. I liked how she was able to pass her enthusiasm onto me as I listened to her course".
"I found the course very interesting regarding the 3 ego states, child, parent adult ego state. I have learned a lot about coping mechanisms for stress. Feelings/emotions are individual to each person. It is beneficial to be able to identify stress, triggers to stress and awareness of how we feel when we are stressed".
"A very important course for my life and tools that I will use to recognise my state of mind and recognising how it fluctuates throughout the day. Knowledge and awareness is empowering and it can definitely help me and others around me".